Thursday, March 12, 2009

cook it forward...?

So this is my first time blogging. I've been reading other people's blogs more and more over the past few years and i have been wanting to create my own blog and get in on the game for a while.  What finally got me to go out and actually start a blog was a post by my friends haley and chelsea on both of their blogs. Haley's friend started the chain and you can go to her blog to read about it, but basically the first three people to comment on her blog get something nice as long as they do something for three other people.  Well, chelsea was one of the first three on haley's blog and i was one of the first three on chelsea's, who is now going to write me a real snail mail letter, so now i have to do it.

So now the first three people to comment on this post get to have a home cooked gourmet meal cooked for them as long as they do something for someone else in return.  I'm going to pick what to cook for you as a surprise, but i want to know your input as to what in general you will want.  Obviously i have to know you and be in the same region of the country at least at some point to do this. 

I'm also doing this as my first post because i am interested in who will find this blog first and how long it will take three people to post on it.  If it doesn't work out that people comment on my blog then i guess i will just have to pick three people based on my whims of the moment. Hopefully this blog will become a regular thing and i'll be posting again soon


  1. I found your blog!!
    Hey Bret! So ya this whole doing something nice for the first three people thing is pretty fun! Keep up the blogging! PS: You should find a Julie Andrews Blog!

  2. I WANT PHO. and maybe some bul go gi.

    keep the thoughts-trian runnin, brotha.

  3. Comment!!! I promise to pay it forward. Now there's just one more reason for you to be in Lexington during alumni weekend!

  4. Sweet!! I've got my three. Ryan, that means you have to pay it forward again. Russell, that means I might have to visit you in va beach, but i don't think that i can make pho. Maybe i'll make bul go gi. Brad, I guess you will get your special meal at alumni weekend.