Tuesday, October 18, 2011

die fx.

Television networks are stupid sometimes.  I watched the pilot of fx's new show american horror story on hulu.  I kind of wanted to watch it when i saw promotions before the air date, but didn't dvr it because i wasn't really motivated about seeing it until i heard feedback from some friends. FX was smart in their decision to put their pilot on the most easy to use internet site for watching tv, but then their decisions made a turn for the decidedly stupid.

American horror story is being aired online on an 8 day delay.  That means that the second episode can be viewed online one day after the third episode is aired on television.  I wanted to watch the second episode today, so that i could watch the new one tomorrow night, but i can't.  Television ratings only count if you watch it live, or recorded within twenty four hours after airing.  This means that i was going to convert from watching fx's show in a way that doesn't help them to a way that would possibly make them money, but they did not let me.  I now am stuck in a loop of constantly being a week behind, or watching a pirated version of their show on the internet, which i am sure is not their goal.  FX is stupid for setting up a system that encourages viewers to watch their show illegally online rather than in a format that could help them make a profit off of a show they seem to have spent a lot of money on.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

i wish i watched this episode.


Who is buffy the vampire slayer? Let me know if i am right or wrong on this one.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

this is how voldemort turned evil you guys.

He was just going about his day, hating muggles but doing nobody any harm, and then some wizard with muggle parents went up and stole voldie's nose. He did it out of spite because he disagreed with his politics (which were admittedly pretty prejudicey). Look at voldemort directly after he had his nose stolen. Do you see how shocked he is? See how, now that he has no nose, he has been turned into a red-eyed only-a-fraction-of-a-soul-having evil arch villain?

So the moral of the story is, don't go around stealing the noses off of people, especially if they have crazy right wing politics (i'm looking at you guy who is sneaking up behind bill o'reilley). Nose stealing is dangerous and has unforeseen consequences.

Friday, October 8, 2010

two year old hipsters.

So i have decided that i don't believe in 'children's clothes'. And by that i mean clothes that were clearly made with a child's fashion taste in mind. The type of clothes that if you made in adult sizes would never sell because they look childish and ridiculous. There is nothing inherently wrong with these kind of clothes, they just aren't very amusing. I find little kids dressed up in chic, or trendy, grown up clothes both hilarious and adorable. If i have kids i have decided they will only dress in clothes that only the most fashionable and daring adults can pull off in everyday situations.  And to those of you that say children should be able to express themselves and wear what they want, i say, screw you. Being a parent seems hard so i better be able to get my kicks while doing it.

So after i made this decision i started to think about what i would dress my theoretical kids in if i had them right now. It seemed clear to me that the funniest and possibly cutest thing possible would be a two year old boy in one of those plunging v neck tee shirts that hipsters and christian college students are so prone to wearing. I mean the idea of toddler hipsters in general is pretty hilarious. The image seemed so awesome in my head that i took to google images to find such a toddler.

Friday, June 25, 2010

strawberries for life.

I bought 4 lbs of strawberries from trader joe's today. That picture isn't even all of them. I already ate some. I wish i put something in the picture for perspective.  Those aren't small strawberries, it's just a giant box. When i put it in the fridge, it almost sticks off the shelf because it is so long. I don't have anything special planned for them.  I'm not going to make any special strawberry pie or jam. I'm probably not even going to share them, because there is no one else living in my apartment this week. I am just going to eat 4 lbs of strawberries over the next few days.  I just thought somebody should know that, and that that someone should be the internet.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a case of the blahs

I have a case of the blahs right now.

Lindsey and elizabeth, my roommates for the past year, and my recent third little roommate, their son kaze, have just left for colorado to visit lindsey's family. This morning was the last time i will have seen elizabeth and kaze since they will be going straight from colorado to their new home in seattle. I will see lindsey again, since he is coming back at the end of the month to take the rest of their stuff to seattle, but i am sad that they are leaving.

When i moved in with lindsey and elizabeth last august i thought it was going to be interesting living with a married couple.  I kind of liked how new york and bohemian it seemed moving in with a married couple that i didn't know in a walk up above a chinese restaurant. I was also kind of wary though.  I mean it is an interesting living situation. What if it turned out awkward and terrible? There is already risk when moving in with people you don't know, but if they are married to each other, couldn't that pose even more risks?

Then quickly after that i learned that they just got pregnant. This would be one of those extra risks. I mean, everybody knows that living with a pregnant woman is supposed to be hard right? They have all those crazy hormones. And then when the baby comes it would be even worse. I didn't want to move though. Finding this apartment had been a really hard and arduous task and i was already really starting to like lindsey and elizabeth. Plus i just absolutely Hate moving.

People kept asking what i was going to do when i told them elizabeth was pregnant in a way that clearly showed they thought i should get out of there or i was a crazy person.  The question wasn't whether or not i was moving. It was more of a when and where to kind of question.  I am really glad i didn't though. I have really enjoyed the past year with them. Lindsey and i, from almost right at the beginning, started getting into long and rewarding conversations about life, religion, and philosophy. It was the type of thing that i crave and need after growing up in st. andrews. Elizabeth is also one of the easiest people to talk to. I got to know her really well as she told me all about her life. She has had some cool experiences as well as a large and interesting family. They starting calling the living room while i was in it 'the bret void' because they would sit down and we would start talking and the next thing we know hours had gone by.

For the past two months having kaze here was actually kind of nice too. He is the cutest little baby. I have heard that all babies do is cry, eat, sleep, and poop but i realized my experience with babies had always been older babies.  Older babies can also laugh, coo, and play in their own way. Kaze can't do any of those things. I am really disappointed that i'm not going to be able to see him grow up and develop into his personality. I want to know what he is going to be like as he starts being more active.

I have two new roommates that are moving in in july and i am really excited. They both seem really cool and i think we are going to become good friends. I am excited that i am going to be able to make this apartment more my own. We are going to furnish it, buy new dishes and flatware, and talked today about maybe painting.

Right at this moment though, i don't feel excited about any of that. I am in the apartment all by myself.  All of lindsey and elizabeth's stuff is packed, but still all over the place. The apartment is less homy and less functional. I am eating off of paper plates. And it is still not yet my apartment. I am anxious about my job search and am longing for the security of a paycheck and the stability of a work schedule.

I am really tired from not getting much sleep last night, so i am hoping a nap will fix it, but right now i just have a severe case of the blahs.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

a small sampling

I was reading the blog of a friend of a friend and was inspired to do this post. The following is a list of things, people, and a few actions that have influenced who i am today for the better or the worse. There are no explanations and there is no particular order as to what comes first or last. Some of these are very large influences, but many if not most of the large influences are not included (so don't expect to see either of my parents, my religion, etc.). This is just for fun.

michael hamilton. Actually... all of the hamiltons.

lake tullouch.

princess mononoke.

applying to be a peer counsellor at washington and lee university.

not having a regular sleep schedule in high school.

phi kappa psi va beta.

driving between southern and norther california with my family many, many, many times.

my mom's chicken 'n dumplings.

The rest of my mom's cooking.

mr. i, my high school calculus teacher.

ikeda sensei, my japanese language professor and so much more.

professor fulcher, my developmental psychology professor.

mrs. thompson, my sixth through eighth grade history and writing teacher.

the disney channel in the 90's. Also, to a lesser extent, nickelodeon.

my violin and sandy mackenga, my violin teacher.

a separate peace.

my fat leg.

alien stories/conspiracy theories.

orson scott card and his books.

youth 'n government.

my jeep wrangler.

the internet.

being a freshman in college when facebook was invented.

the pacific ocean.