Tuesday, October 18, 2011

die fx.

Television networks are stupid sometimes.  I watched the pilot of fx's new show american horror story on hulu.  I kind of wanted to watch it when i saw promotions before the air date, but didn't dvr it because i wasn't really motivated about seeing it until i heard feedback from some friends. FX was smart in their decision to put their pilot on the most easy to use internet site for watching tv, but then their decisions made a turn for the decidedly stupid.

American horror story is being aired online on an 8 day delay.  That means that the second episode can be viewed online one day after the third episode is aired on television.  I wanted to watch the second episode today, so that i could watch the new one tomorrow night, but i can't.  Television ratings only count if you watch it live, or recorded within twenty four hours after airing.  This means that i was going to convert from watching fx's show in a way that doesn't help them to a way that would possibly make them money, but they did not let me.  I now am stuck in a loop of constantly being a week behind, or watching a pirated version of their show on the internet, which i am sure is not their goal.  FX is stupid for setting up a system that encourages viewers to watch their show illegally online rather than in a format that could help them make a profit off of a show they seem to have spent a lot of money on.

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